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Become a VIP Member Today!

VIP access is FREE with your K2S premium subscription when you purchase it through our site, so don’t miss out and make the most out of your K2S premium subscription by following the guide below to gain access to all our exclusive VIP content!

If you don’t have a K2S account, please proceed to STEP #1.

If you have an active K2S premium subscription (purchased through any other site) you have to wait until your current K2S premium subscription expires. Remember to cancel any recurring subscriptions that may be active! When your premium has expired you can re-subscribe on your old account using the instructions below.

Before you begin with all the process, please note that only 90 days or 365 days premium subscriptions qualify for a VIP Upgrade!

STEP #1 (This is the first step!)

To be safe that you do not run into referral issues during the purchase process, please check the list below of things to avoid during VIP purchase process:

  • Close all other tabs you may have open in your browser except this one. This is VERY important.
  • Do not use incognito or private surf mode during VIP purchase process.
  • Temporarily disable ad blockers, script blockers or any browser plugins you may have that block cookies and scripts.
  • Avoid using VPN during purchase unless you really have to use it to access our site.
  • Test referrer function in your browser by clicking this link. If it tells you that your referrer is then you’re good to go!


Purchase a 90 Days or 365 Days K2S premium subscription through this link or through the banner below (it will open in a new tab, this is fine, you can continue reading the instructions).

  • It can either be a Premium or Premium PRO subscription. With PRO subscription you get 50 GB traffic per day and the ability to watch videos online, while regular Premium only gives you 10 GB traffic per day. Please note that a lot of the “Zipped Packs” we post are bigger than 10 GB, so we recommend you get the PRO subscription, but in the end it’s your decision…
  • You can’t upgrade to PRO after you’ve signed up to a regular account without losing VIP access in the process! If you have done this please read the FAQ located at the bottom of this page.
  • Your VIP subscription will be equal to the plan you choose (VIP Gold = 90 days, VIP Platinum = 365 days).
  • Please note that if your payment process fails, or you decide to use a different payment method (credit card instead of PayPal, for example) YOU HAVE TO CLOSE THE CURRENT K2S TAB OR WINDOW AND START FROM THE FIRST STEP AGAIN!!!
If you’re seeing this same screenshot in your purchase process, then you’re good to go!


Once you’re done with the payment process you must download this file using your new premium account to confirm the payment!

STEP #4 (This is the last step!)

Fill out the next form and we will contact you in 12 hours or less with your membership details. If you don’t see our email, please check your Spam/Junk mail as well. Try to fill in the form ASAP after completing the previous steps, so you can get your VIP login details sooner.

Must have 5 or more characters
Exact time you received the email with the subject ‘Payment was successful at Keep2Share’ that you got after you purchased your premium K2S subscription.


If you purchased your 90 Days or 365 Days K2S premium subscription through any other link in our site worry not, you still may qualify for a VIP Upgrade. Fill in the form and we will let you know if you qualify for a VIP upgrade or not.


*If you have upgraded to PRO from a regular Premium account, you should deactivate automatic rebills and re-join VIP following the instructions in this page when your current K2S subscription expires.

*Only 90 days or 365 days subscriptions are valid for VIP access. 30 days subscriptions or less will only give you regular premium access so you can download any public post.

*We recommend you using your credit or debit card to make your purchase since you’ll receive the lowest price by using that payment method.

*If you deactivate automatic rebills from your account and you want to re-join VIP when your access has expired, you need to follow ALL the instructions stated in this page, like if you were joining VIP for the first time.

*If you get the following message: “You have been redirected through this website from a suspicious source. We prevented it and you are going to be redirected to our safe web site” It means that you are right-clicking on the links. You should use left click on the links of this website to display them properly.

*Only fill in the form if you are sure that you purchased your K2S premium subscription through our site Entries with fake details will get NO response from us.

*K2S = Keep2Share.

If you still have any questions about our VIP feature, don’t hesitate to contact us through here and we will try to reply to you ASAP.