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Pay Tezfiles Using PayPal

PayPal users from most US states can purchase crypto which can be later used to purchase a premium Tezfiles subscription.

Please look here:

Purchase a 90 Days TEZFILES premium subscription through this link or through the banner below.

In “select your preferred payment method” choose “Bitcoin”.

Check the amount of Bitcoin that you would need to purchase in PayPal and buy it. We suggest you buy $75 of Bitcoin in PayPal to avoid issues (90 days of Tezfiles Premium is $69.95) since you will need an extra dollar or two to cover Bitcoin network fees.

Send it to the address described in Tezfiles.

Wait some time until you receive an email confirming your Tezfiles purchase (this may take up to 2 hours) and then fill in the form located below.

All this procedure should be made as fast as possible to avoid BTC price fluctuations.

If you still have doubts about transferring crypto out of your PayPal account, please read this article.

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