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Papi Kocic Fucks Malik Delgaty

June 11, 2024
Papi Kocic Fucks Malik Delgaty

Released: June 2024

“Bromance forever!”

Malik and I had a bond from day one. A bromance unmatched & a connection that runs deep. It started as light humour, Malik saying, “you want to fuck my ass!” & I respond “do you think you could take this dick?” The stars aligned and we both said yes, we want it! Let’s do this bro! Pool is such a naughty game if you’re in a teasing mood. Look at Malik arching his back, teasing Papi with his tight ass! The sly smile on his face says he’s enjoying playing this naughty game! It’s getting harder and harder to hide my hard dick in my pants! The sweeter the reward knowing that Malik is such a brutal top!

I approached him from the back and my hands began to slide down his muscular body! The barely perceptible sigh of excitement and the blush on his face speaks volumes to me! The moment has come! I pulled down his shorts, sinking my palms into Malik’s crotch! I can feel his cock swelling and his back arching supplely. I knelt down and his smooth ass is right in front of my face! My hands stroking his ass spreading his buttocks! Malik’s hole is so tight, his virgin ass was the hole I have stretched! The next moment he feels the tip of my tongue start sliding up and down between his ass! My stubble tickles his skin making his hole involuntarily squeeze! Malik’s loud moan tells me that he is just going crazy with excitement when my tongue is wetting his ass and penetrating so deep into his hole!

Can you feel my juicy dick sliding between your buns, bro? You know where this is going! I’m not rushing the moment enjoying every second of this game! Malik bit his lip and clung to the pool table, feeling the head of my cock penetrate his tight ass inch by inch! His eyes roll back in pain and pleasure! Slowly but surely stretching that ass open!

Then we move to the couch and Malik rides Papi! He loves looking into my eyes when my dick is drilling his hole! His balls and dick smack against my abs, making me even more horny! I kiss is muscular chest, nipples and abs! He grinds on my cock, watch how he moves! I lay Malik on his back and put his strong legs on my shoulders. My dick is furiously stretching his ass and I can feel his prostate swelling up ready to shoot a powerful load of cum! He shakes in waves of orgasm and I can see his skin covered in pearlescent drops of sperm! I can’t contain myself anymore and cum with him at the same time! I lick his body, soaked with our juices and sweat, and Malik looks into my eyes and tastes Papi’s cum.
Bro, I think this is the next level of our friendship.

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