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Papi Kocic, Bastian Karim & Manuel Reyes – Got You Robbers!

September 11, 2023
Papi Kocic, Bastian Karim & Manuel Reyes – Got You Robbers!

Release Date: September 11, 2023


What will you do when you see robbers breaking into your house? Will you call for help? Will you hide? Papi doesn’t do that! Come here! I’m gonna punish you sons of bitches! That was the biggest mistake of your life! You wanted to steal Papi’s staff, but now Papi is stealing your anal virginity!

I kneel them down and pull off their masks and see two scared boys! Why are you looking at me so pitifully! I can see they’d do anything to stay out of prison cell! Take off your pants, Papi’s gonna give you a good spanking first!

“..Hey, you! Show me how you crack safes! No hands, lick his ass! Make that hole bigger!..” Now make it nice for your Papi! Both of you suck my juicy dick! Guess who Papi’s gonna fuck first, guys! You’ll know that Papi likes to fuck long and so hard! Bear with me, honestly right your wrongs! Now lick my cum that’s flowing out of his hole!
The evidence must be eaten!

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