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OnlyFans: RayDexterXXX [56 Videos](Bareback)

June 22, 2020
OnlyFans: RayDexterXXX [56 Videos](Bareback)
1AM and horned up. Needed to stroke him a little!.mp4
4AM at the campgrounds and I am the only one up… when nature calls, am I right- ;^).mp4
A hot POV of me stroking off in the bathroom. UGH! I was SO fucking horny in this!.mp4
Another quick bulge while walking in my favourite shorts.mp4
Being overseas was so lonely… I had a terrible case of blue balls .mp4
Changing room mirrors always seems to flatter one's dick….mp4
Even when I am over at a friend's, I sometimes just HAVE to excuse myself to whip him out….mp4
First webcam-made video of me cumming!.mp4
Fucking my super cute friend who just couldn't get enough of my cock.mp4
Happy Hump Day! Here's my hump… err… lump… #bulge!.mp4
Here is a short POV video of me fucking a very sexy, toned jock acquaintance of mine. He took it very well! ;).mp4
Here is a slightly longer video of me fucking the same jock acquaintance of mine, but this time from behind 😉 this is my POV!.mp4
Horny couch jerk off session!.mp4
I get SOOOO turned by my own HUGE cock…mp4
I just didn't want to get out of bed this morning.mp4
I just love stroking my thick dick….mp4
I seem to have a pattern with pulling my cock out at midnight.mp4
I was sick in this video… -( but just because I was sick doesn't mean I stopped getting horny!.mp4
I'm feelin' myself… I'm feelin' myself… I'm feelin' my, feelin' myself….mp4
If we lived together and you at the stairs like this, what would you do-.mp4
Is that my leg…- What is that under the blanket-!.mp4
It feels so fucking good to slap my fat cock around like this… the THUD it makes!.mp4
It's fucking awesome having a cock big enough to make a guy cry… and then he edges me like crazy for revenge.mp4
Just a few quick strokes and swinging my fat, heavy salami for ya….mp4
Just petting the fattie a little -).mp4
Just some random late night play -).mp4
Late night strokin', cause what else do you do at night…-.mp4
Making a big ole mess at midnight on Monday!.mp4
Making one of my adork-able friends suck and gag on my fat cock.mp4
Me, Gabriel Cross AND Diggory ALL in the same room-! Whaaaaat This was one of the most fun afternoons ever!.mp4
Merry Christmas YA FILTHY ANIMALS!.mp4
Morning wood is the best kind of wood.mp4
My cock has got some pretty serious girth….mp4
My cock was feeling so nice and extra thick and heavy today… the cockring helps a lot, too! I just had to stroke out a delicious, creamy load for myself…!.mp4
My friend isn't in his office, so what do I do- I go in and make use of it..mp4
My friend's living room becomes a stage for me when he leaves me home alone.mp4
My little friend and I decided to have public fun when the rest of the city was asleep… it was cold as fuck though! .mp4
My thicc fellow-Texan friend taking my cock like a champ! Or should I say like a cowboy…- .mp4
Shooting a HUGE load in the restroom! Grrr… I was so horny….mp4
Short public bulge vid in one of my favourite pair of shorts, hehe.mp4
Shower time! Come join me… I might need some help getting clean…mp4
Slapping around my monster cock in the restroom again because I couldn't help myself! Argh!.mp4
So thick, fat, and heavy, he just can't be contained in these undies!.mp4
Sometimes it's just fun to play with a soft,semi cock, hehe.mp4
Stroking in the car- Part 1.mp4
Stroking in the car- Part 2.mp4
Stroking in the car- Part 3.mp4
Stroking my cock in my long johns is such a hot feeling.mp4
There is always time for fun in the changing rooms… isn't that what they for- Or am I confusion-.mp4
This is one of the posh restrooms I have ever seen.mp4
This is probably the best my cock has looked from this angle… just a few quick strokes!.mp4
THIS is the post you've all been waiting for… everyone, me topping Gabriel Cross.mp4
Undies reveal compilation!.mp4
When I am happy, I wag my front tail.mp4
When the clock strikes midnight, it's my time to shine… .mp4
Who says two hung tops -can't- have fun-! Watch as me and Diggory (@XXXDiggory on here and Twitter) revel in each other!.mp4