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OnlyFans PTV: Rick and Griff – Straight Bros and Anonymous Joes – Part 2

May 17, 2021
OnlyFans PTV: Rick and Griff – Straight Bros and Anonymous Joes – Part 2

Release Date: May 16, 2021

“Straight Bros and Anonymous Joes” Part 2: Straight Bro Double Feature

A lot of you are huge fans of our original “curious straight buddy “ we’ve featured in the past, and you will DEFINITELY love these two NEW straight dudes we’ve discovered!

The first is actually a dude Griff played baseball with in college. He texted griff letting him know he was driving through Atlanta, asking if we wanted to grab dinner. At dinner (and after several beers) Griffs buddy hinted that he’d seen our Twitter, and Rick jokingly said “Well, you’ve seen ours! Only fair to show us yours!” Caught us off guard when he said “Yeah that’s fair. Let’s go to the bathroom.” We went and all stood at a urinal, him in between us, and whipped our cocks out. He was already semi-hard and started p1ssing and playing with himself. Next thing, we’re all watching each other jerk off, until he finally said “Let’s go back to your place. There’s something I’ve been wanting griff to do to me since college.” 😈

The second is our hot, married tatted-up neighbor we mentioned in our post the other day. He’s bi-curious and decided to start a naughty Twitter and Onlyfans to satisfy his exhibitionist urges. He stopped by to chat while walking his dogs, and see if we’d be interested in making content. And we did just that, the very next afternoon!

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