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OnlyFans PTV: Rick and Griff – Diego Drops In

July 4, 2021
OnlyFans PTV: Rick and Griff – Diego Drops In

Release Date: May 7, 2021

VIP Guycam: “Diego Drops In”

Diego Sans is one of our biggest porn crushes, and we were ‘crushed’ when he reached out asking if we could hook-up while he was in Atlanta…because we were spending the week up north with our boyfriend at a cabin in the woods! Seems like he was also disappointed to miss out on the opportunity, because he changed his itinerary so we could get together the morning after we got back home from our trip!

It was an early hook up, so we just left the front door open and told him to find his way up to our bedroom, where we were still in bed. Ass up. In jockstraps!

He fucked us so good with that massive uncut Brazilian cock for 30+ minutes, and then let himself out the way he came. And we crawled back under the covers and went back to sleep.

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