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OnlyFans PTV: ‘MAY’ting Season Part 2: JACOBI AND ARMON

May 27, 2021
OnlyFans PTV: ‘MAY’ting Season Part 2: JACOBI AND ARMON

Release Date: May 27, 2021

We were hanging out in Piedmont Park one afternoon and saw this hot, ripped couple walk by holding hands. They were looking at us, we were clearly staring at them…until finally they came over and introduced themselves and we realized we all followed each other’s naught Twitters!! 😂 and even better, they aren’t JUST a couple, but two out of a throuple!!! A life we know very well! 😋

Rick had to run some errands, and left me and Jacobi and Armon hanging at the park. Things got very flirty quickly, so I asked if they’d be down to surprise Rick when he got home. They were down, so we headed back to our place and…we’ll, let’s just say Rick got 3 HUGE surprises!

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