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OnlyFans PTV: LetsEatCakeXx – Red Light Special

July 3, 2022
OnlyFans PTV: LetsEatCakeXx – Red Light Special

Release Date: June 16, 2022

Some of you may remember a few months ago, one of my main straight fuck buddies, John Bronco, brought his friend @GunnarStoneVIP over to my house for the 1st time. Gunnar lives pretty close to me, but he’s straight, has a girlfriend, and had never done ANYTHING sexually with a guy… No guy had even TOUCHED his dick before… Well, John & I were able to convince him to let me suck his dick… but he said no to actual sex… 😔

While John was fucking me, I kind of noticed Gunnar watching more than I expected… I could see him thinking… and he definitely enjoyed me sucking his pierced cock… So on his way out, he said if he’s ever ready to fuck another guy, he’d want it to be me. 2 months later, I got the text I was waiting for… Shit… We were ALL waiting for! LOL 😈

He was ready to take things to the next level! So we picked a date that worked for both of us, he came over to my house, and he brought some sex/bondage gear to use on me, which inspired us to use some sexy red lighting to set the mood… 🔥

Down on all fours, black leather collar around my neck, Gunnar dragged me into the room with a dog leash, like the little bitch that I am, and made me suck his cock… Which then led to me eating his big muscle ass… And to my surprise, he even sucked my cock! (I think he’s the 1st straight guy to actually do that to me lol) 🤤

After he sucked my dick for a while, he FINALLY stuck his cock inside me… RAW!!! And my God, it felt SO good!!! He really knew what he was doing! It was different this time than with other straight guys I’ve had sex with… Gunnar didn’t seem to just be doing it for the cameras… He seemed genuinely into me, or at least he did an incredible job pretending 🤣

While he was fucking me, he even pulled my head to his and made out with me, which also unexpected… 😍 Tyler was filming the whole thing, & I saw him getting hard & turned on, so after Gunnar fucked the life out of me for a while, I asked Tyler if he wanted to join… and he did NOT hesitate to hop in there and get fucked by this tatted muscle hunk of a man! 😉

Gunnar took turns fucking us both until he finally busted inside of Tyler, but he literally pulled out at the perfect time for you to see cum oozing out of his cock and right onto Tyler’s hole, before I told him to shove it back in & keep fucking him… 💦 It was so hot! Then I hopped in and fucked Tyler for a bit before Gunnar sucked me off… And God DAMN! I actually think that last blow job was one of the hottest parts of the whole thing… The look in his eyes, the pierced lips & tongue, the intensity, and how EAGER he was to taste my load!!! 🤯

If you like watching me (& Tyler) bottom… If you like straight guys experimenting… If you’re into a bit of Dom/Sub play… I HIGHLY recommend you check this video out… It’s one of my new favs, DEFINITELY my favorite video I’ve ever made with a straight guy before… 🤭


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