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OnlyFans PTV: LetsEatCakeXx – Kaden Breeds Straight Jock

June 26, 2021
OnlyFans PTV: LetsEatCakeXx – Kaden Breeds Straight Jock

Released: June 2021

So when I was at Pensacola Pride, there were still plenty of straight people… Which was weird lol I met this one jock-type dude at the pool, who was pretty hammered… He knew I was gay from my speedo and the crowd I was with, but I knew he was into it… I gave him my number in case he wanted to “chill” later… Sure enough, around 6:30am on the last day, I wake up to a text on my phone from this guy… Just asking what room I was in…🤫

He showed up 10 mins later, druuunk & high af… But still pretty hot… He wouldn’t let me kiss him though, or suck his dick… He literally just wanted me to fuck him… Everyone, including Tyler, was sleeping, so I told him to be quiet & fucked his druunk, straight boy brains out! 😈 Gave him some poppers, which he LOVED, and he was in HEAVEN! He shot such a BIG, JUICY LOAD all over my my phone while it was recording from underneath him, so of course I had to play it back in slow motion for ya’ll! 💦


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