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OnlyFans PTV: Kayden Gray fucks Damien

February 2, 2022
OnlyFans PTV: Kayden Gray fucks Damien

Release Date: February 2, 2022

When I first met @damien-48 I thought to myself “Oh this is gonna be fun!”. The boy is half my body mass and cute as a button. My dick is about as thick as his forearm. He gagged and cried but couldn’t fit it in his cute little mouth 🥺 After about half an hour of trying, I was ready to fuck. First, I ate his hole out to get it ready for stretching and then I let him ride me slowly so he can get used to my cock. I had to be super gentle (he’s tiny!). By then I was so horny I kept forgetting and speeding up. He kept slowing me down 😈 Then I put him on his back and, after some initial nice tender loving, I finally got to POUND that tight little ass the way I wanted, big long strokes, until I burst deep inside his guts and he blew his load all over himself 💦 Ooofftttt fucking magic – tender to rough with a lot of tension, kissing and body contact 🤤 I wanna fuck like this everyday.


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