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John Bronco, Gunnar Stone & Kaden Hylls – Straight Boy Toy

March 4, 2022
John Bronco, Gunnar Stone & Kaden Hylls – Straight Boy Toy

Release Date: March 4, 2022

I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am not complaining! 😇 It seems as if all the straight boys love me these days! @JohnBronco87 brought his other straight muscle buddy @GunnarStoneVIP over to my house for some muscle worshipping. They are both 100% straight, and both have girlfriends even… 🤫

Well, as you can see from the preview… 1 thing led to another, and I noticed they were both, “excited.” Gunnar has legit NEVER let another guy do anything sexual to him… We discussed it before and he was not really into it, so we agreed just on muscle worshipping.. But when he got aroused, John & I were able to convince him to try it out for the VERY FIRST TIME!!! And he definitely seemed to like it, because he’s already texting me for more! 😈

Who knows, maybe next time he’ll fuck me… We all remember my 1st scene with John, he was only doing oral back then, and NOW look at him!

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