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OnlyFans PTV: Travis Bryant & Jeff Kasser – PENETRATE

July 11, 2021
OnlyFans PTV: Jeff Kasser & Travis Bryant – PENETRATE

Release Date: July 11, 2021

“PENETRATE”IT’S FINALLY HERE. This is my FIRST SEX SCENE with JEFF KASSER and also Jeff’s FIRST TIME getting penetrated by another guy.

In this video we kiss passionately and strip naked before I put his legs over my shoulders and penetrate his hole until I CUM INSIDE HIM. 💦

In this video, you see BOTH OF OUR FRONTALS as well as MY HARD DICK pushing into JEFF’S ASS for the very first time. From there I gyrate in and out until finally leaving my first load of semen inside of him.

It’s VERY GRAPHIC but also beautiful and interlaced with raw emotion attached to real life experience which is why I’m proud to share this special piece with you today. Enjoy. Xx

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