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OnlyFans PTV: Independence Gays Part 1: THE HIGH SCHOOL REUNION

June 26, 2021
OnlyFans PTV: Independence Gays Part 1: THE HIGH SCHOOL REUNION

Release Date: June 25, 2021

Independence Gays Part 1: THE HIGH SCHOOL REUNION with Rick’s Str8 childhood bestie!!!

Maybe the reason curious straight guys always seem to gravitate toward us is because Ricks literally been fooling around with them since high school, and the first was his childhood bestie the summer before they started 9th grade.

His BFF’s parents were out of town and Rick stayed over at his house and they found the BFF’s dad’s porn stash! They started watching while sharing a blanket on the couch, and Tick noticed his friend’s hands moving under the blanket, playing with himself. So he started to as well. After a while, the blanket fell to the floor and both their dicks were out and rock hard. His friend asked “do you wanna try anything else?” Rick definitely did, but they stopped just shy of going “all the way.” and Rick has fantasized about that first sexual experience, and what it would have been like if they’d fucked, ever since!

Flash forward 30 years to a few weeks ago, when Rick texted that friend and jokingly brought up that night. Rick just expected him to laugh it off and change the subject. Which was the opposite of what happened! Check out their text convo on our main feed, and see what led up to a ‘high school reunion’ here in Atlanta, that resulted in this unbelievable, fantasy-fulfilled Guycam! Proof that dreams can come true. They might just take a while 😈😈😈


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