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OnlyFans: Kaden Hylls, Joe DeMatteo – Kaden In The Kitchen

June 30, 2021
OnlyFans: Kaden Hylls, Joe DeMatteo – Kaden In The Kitchen

Release Date: June 29, 2021

There is just something about @JoeDeMatteo… I can’t quite put my finger on it… But when the 2 of us get together, its just sparks! 🔥🤩 When he came to Orlando to visit me a few weeks ago, I was just minding my business, doing the dishes (in my jockstrap, as usual 😉) when out of nowhere, Joe comes from behind and slaps my ass! (Rude! 🤪)

Well, I wasn’t going to let him slap my ass and get away with it… so he fucked me right there on the kitchen counter, giving me every inch of that big, thick cock of his! FUCK did it feel good! Better than I remembered! 🤤 He was hitting all the right places, and just looking into his eyes alone, I could melt… Knowing that he was inside of me, about to give me his load, had me quivering! I shot such a huge load, all over my floor & phone, as it was recording! (Don’t worry, I play it back in slow motion so you can get a nice long view of my awesome cum shot! 💦)

Then, when no one was looking, I went to the bathroom to push out his load for you guys on camera! 💧 (I know you love when I do that hehe)