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OnlyFans: FlashmanWade [110 Videos]

May 12, 2020
OnlyFans: FlashmanWade [110 Videos]
001 Heading to Miami so thought Id post something sandy.mp4
002 I gained this ability by working the hip flexer and IT band. A neglected part of the glutes.mp4
003 Booty gains.mp4
004 Which view is better.mp4
005 That boy THICCC.mp4
006 Some more.mp4
007 Shower time long version if i get some good tips.mp4
008 Let me know if u like this.mp4
009 Just something random for yall, hope u like workin on my longer videos Im gettin there next one will be a few minutes.mp4
010 At the airport doin the MOST.mp4
011 He wanted to say hello message me for any private video requests also have a good day.mp4
012 Hello sometimes ya gotta let him swing lol still doin private videos message me for price.mp4
013 Someone requested workout in tight white tights so here it is comment other suggestions and also message me for personal videos and prices.mp4
015 Some ass for the late nighters.mp4
016 Longer version for all my real fans with patience sorry about that Im back.mp4
017 Dick and ass Late night special.mp4
018 Let it swing Just something for the night extended version if i get some tips and message me for exclusive personal vids taking requests right now.mp4
019 Here it is first one.mp4
020 How i fuck.mp4
021 Just so you guys have it too Incase u dont have my Twitter, Im posting something tomorrow longer video be on the look out.mp4
022 K majority said cum so here yall go a long full video next will be either booty or shower yall can choose.mp4
023 K fine heres a 10 minute shower video has a bit of everything Send me hella tips have fun subscribe ASAP at this discounted rate before it goes back up U have 2 days.mp4
024 Something light while in bed need a cuddle buddy.mp4
025 That clean booty.mp4
026 Part 1 its 10 minutes long A little bit of everything Yall will go even CRAZIER for part 2 I promise you that there will be a hole lot of happy people.mp4
027 Fine fine fine HEREs the HOLE yall keep askin for sheesh yall are aggressive enjoy.mp4
028 Quick Nut night.mp4
029 A fat nut.mp4
030 The longest video haha theres some hidden gems in here so watch the whole thing and answer all the questions in the video i asked to lol comment comment comment.mp4
031 Watch the HOLE video.mp4
032 Remember watch the HOLE video.mp4
033 New video back in town.mp4
034 squatting over the cam naked.mp4
035 As requested Im posting all 4 parts back to back so yall can see it better hopefully.mp4
036 As requested Im posting all 4 parts back to back so yall can see it better hopefully.mp4
037 As requested Im posting all 4 parts back to back so yall can see it better hopefully.mp4
038 A little Bit of everything, dick, ass, hole, body all that As requested Im posting all 4 parts back to back.mp4
039 Lets try this again, let me know if u can see this I have 2 more to retry since only a few ppl could watch it.mp4
040 a FAT nut enjoy.mp4
041 Naked pull ups, push ups and squats.mp4
042 Fully open with V ups.mp4
043 I made it WINK This was so hard to make i had so many problems that fuckin water next time in the bed.mp4
044 Vacation nudes lol i get home tomorrow so even more good stuff cummin lowering price to 25 for the rest of the month Also Im going to use the go live feature if yall want me to do that.mp4
045 This is how i FUCKKK.mp4
046 Shaving my balls never did a video like this so thought it would Be funny.mp4
047 Naked booty workout Try these At home and get that booty poppin.mp4
048 The Japanese baths here you have to be naked no exception so i tried it out, and u have to shower first so heres the whole experience Im a nudist now also, dont mind the other guys in there lol.mp4
049 Sorry Im quiet my voice is kinda gone and i had people over so was bein low key but enjoy for now, Im back.mp4
050 Cookin butt add naked again who wants pancakes.mp4
051 Quick vid before i sleep. Bout to hit this shower who wants to join.mp4
052 Hey out the country so didnt have service to post couple days i have WiFi now so heres a good naked updated i took a few the last couple days so i have stuff to post for a few days love yall.mp4
053 Wowwww i really didnt last for no but November sorry.mp4
054 Quick dick tease before i head out When i get home Im finna make something long.mp4
055 10 minute video. Long overdue ass. And feet.mp4
056 I need that advice amount my ass lol let me know after watching this.mp4
057 Shower time enjoy message me for exclusives.mp4
058 A nice dick tease for ya on BLACK FRIDAY and hello to all the new subscribers Welcome Message me for exclusive video prices and requests.mp4
059 Second half is even better and hello new subscribers Ill upload that this week, on WiFi so its nice and ready for u the worst thing bout OF is the uploads take soooooo long.mp4
060 Figured youre all awake now for the.mp4
061 15 minutes of washing every inch of my body.mp4
062 Since the lotion was too much last time heres some yummy coconut oil for the enjoy ohhh and check your messages have a surprise for anyone interested.mp4
063 Full naked Yoga stretching let me know what u think in comments.mp4
064 Some bath time fun and me revealing what the New Years post will be.mp4
065 Naked steam room fun.mp4
066 Some outside naked pool fun got a few things coming for yall.mp4
067 Wow i tried to upload this on the WiFi here last night and it told me its not allowed here AFTER i sat there and waited for this video to render wtf and off WiFi it takes a YEAR to upload.mp4
068 Its my birthday What yall get me.mp4
069 Just a lil something for the night some shower head fun in Bali lol some good stuff cumming this week too.mp4
070 Originally this was for Twitter or IG then i watched it after and haha absolutely no way this would ever make it Id get deleted in a heartbeat so Ill post it here lol.mp4
071 Yall asked for a hole video Im silly Plus in your messages theres nice treat for anyone interested nut nut nut under view.mp4
072 Some nocturnal booty u want it I havent shaved yet.mp4
073 Slow day for me bout to go run some errands heres a little sneak peek for the day u want this in the morning.mp4
074 Had some morning wood.mp4
075 Oops idk why it stopped recording.mp4
076 Yo i tried to do POV thing and act like Im flirting and preparing to fuck u but i couldnt hold the character and shoutout to that little ass piece of toiletpaper in my butt.mp4
077 First time ever trying a toy pretty nice wish it was u makin me cum instead.mp4
078 Take this dick.mp4
079 Dick Tease before i cook.mp4
080 Would u join the shower with me.mp4
081 Fastest nut of my life been holding it in cuz i been so busy and traveling and dealing with the crazy BS Corona stuff buying food but Im back now whos going to wash me.mp4
082 Short clip of some outside fun. Are yall into outdoor content Let me know in comments.mp4
083 I do be horny this one got hidden so enjoy welcoming tips i send nice stuff to ppl that tip in messages.mp4
084 Some dick and ass in the kitchen for your quarantine stay check your messages also got some good stuff cummin.mp4
085 Finna get some head but gotta do this first lol heres some dick have a nice day. Check your messages for some yummy options of videos i sent.mp4
086 You want this.mp4
087 Lol this was funny timing originally was going to send to u all in messages but its funny so posting it on the feed.mp4
088 Some morning ass do u like it I sent a very special and exclusive video to messages Im really scared to post on here cuz everything gets leaked so Im keeping it exclusive.mp4
089 Doing a sexy strip teaser for you but without the tease hope you liked this it was something different. Also current body after all this quarantining lol enjoy.mp4
090 I swear someone was starring at me i got paranoid anyway heres my full naked body, ass bent and dick today, should i make a private video of what i said at the end of this video.mp4
091 Busted a fat nut for you, i was horny as fuck damn enjoy that for me please, and tips accepted.mp4
092 How you like my ass today.mp4
093 Omg someone came home while i was jackin my dick still managed to get hard in time it was like a risky game lol to be continued how does my ass look today And my dick.mp4
094 I knew yall wanted some more hole, so enjoy also i been eaten good during this quarantine so Im a little thick but i think ima start cutting in about a week and get shredded again what yall think.mp4
095 A little teaser that cuts off right before the really juicy good stuff the twerk video i sent it to your message of u feel like seeing the full 6 minutes video its overall perfect video.mp4
096 first ever live, if u loved it please tip or let me know what u loved so i can make note of it and also tell me what i should change or if u hated something i did.mp4
097 Someone Recording me juicing butt naked lol fail hope yall enjoy the juice came out fire though i promise.mp4
098 Someone Recording me juicing butt naked lol fail hope yall enjoy the juice came out fire though i promise.mp4
099 Yall seem to love when i play with my dick in this chair Part 2 is even better.mp4
100 Does my ass look ok today How bout my hamstrings and thighs.mp4
101 Ok Ive been wearing these now since yesterday and Ill continue to do so. I will use ziplock bag. And whoever wins this pair can specify anything specific they want me to do it in.mp4
102 Enjoy this nut dripping down my dick sent the full video in your messages this one stays exclusive. I wasnt goin to even post this but thought some of u would Enjoy the nut.mp4
103 Tease for today how u like it.mp4
104 New phone update does it look any different also thinking about cutting down after the quarantine thickness what yall think.mp4
105 Did a thing today.mp4
106 Did u see that coming hows it look.mp4
107 If you missed the live enjoy this for a day if u missed it came so hard and that hole was showing a LOT enjoy.mp4
108 Rubbing this juicy ass with coconut oil and bent over this was right after i beat my meat who wants to rub it in for me.mp4
109 Heres the proof of the nutted used underwear in ziploc and doing the next auction soon.mp4
110 Heres the proof of the nutted used underwear in ziploc and doing the next auction soon.mp4

*Updated until May 7, 2020.