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OnlyFans: AnonBttmMia – Adventure #72 (Banjo Jumping)

July 16, 2021
OnlyFans: AnonBttmMia – Adventure #72 (Banjo Jumping)

Release Date: July 16, 2021

Adventure #72 (Banjo Jumping):

Let me tell you about @banjo_xxl

He is a sweet boy that I have been talking with online since for ever (pre Onlyfans time) but we never crossed paths in the same city.. we kept contact cause 1. He is adorable 2. Total top 3. Has one of the most beautiful dicks I have seen, solid 9” but I’ll let the picture speak for it self…

I kept convincing him to create his only fans because that dick should be shared with the world (preferably while it’s inside me) and I finally convinced him to do it… (you are welcome! 😜)

We then planned a trip for him to come visit me in Miami and shoot together.. we went on a bike ride on the beach to build some sweat.. and of my god his dick was even better than the pics.. he pumped load after load inside me that weekend u til I lost count.. some on cam some off cam but I got good footage for you guys 😈

The unforgettable moment was when he is about to cum he would push his big dick reaaaaaal deep inside me and cum in my second hole (google it if you don’t know what that is) and leave his cum inside me I legit thought for a minute that he will get me pregnant..

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