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Brandt’s Boys: Troy – Eating Ass To Earn Alek’s Top Spot

September 16, 2022
Brandt’s Boys: Troy – Eating Ass To Earn Alek’s Top Spot

Release Date: September 16, 2022

Do you remember how Jordan paddled Alek a few weeks ago for flying to meet that hung frat dude? Well, he’s still trying to prove his point so he told Alek that he wouldn’t make a video with him tonight 😬 I don’t know why Jordan would give me such an easy win, but I know for a fact that if Alek starts coming to me instead of him, he will lose his mind so I took the opportunity tonight to win Alek over. I know how much he likes it when I’m sweet so I gave him a massage to relax him and then started eating his ass the way he loves. I told him the night was about him and he’s never cum when we’re together so eventually I flipped him over and kept eating him out until he came. I really hope that he wasn’t just acting and actually enjoyed himself tonight because it would be a lot of fun to keep this going and never let him go back to Jordan. I did selfishly stick my dick in him a few times because for some reason the thought of being the best really turned me on, but please don’t hold that against me 😬

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