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Brandt’s Boys: Kyle – Teaching Troy About Kinks

March 25, 2022
Brandt’s Boys: Kyle – Teaching Troy About Kinks

Release Date: March 25, 2022

Troy has come so far in terms of his understanding gay sex, but we haven’t shown him how kinky things can get yet. I know this isn’t our typical style of video, but I wanted to give Troy a tiny introduction into the darker side of things and show him how hot it can get when you bring in things like harnesses, cock rings, etc. I think tonight exposed him to a fair amount, but I am considering setting up a full sex swing so he can get an even deeper dive into the concept (as well as my hole). I am aware that this type of content will not be for everyone, but I’m doing this for educational purposes, as well as for the large audience of guys who get off on the same type of stuff 😉 Let me know if you guys want me to take it one step further and get a swing and we will make a part 2 to this video!

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